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Real braces for fun! 

Perfectly fitting braces for everyone …

Buy braces for fun

Real braces for fun!

Perfectly fitting braces for everyone …


Welcome! Its a pleasure to introduce our products.
Braces for Fun, the name says it all: real orthodontic braces that are worn for fun! Have you ever worn braces? And did you think this suited your looks perfectly? Or have you always wanted to experience braces from a young age? You just think it’s nice and cool to wear braces? Or do you like it when your friend or partner wears braces? Do you like to visit themed parties and / or do you like cosplay? If you are organizing a bachelor party soon, you can give the bride or groom a nice nerdy look, nice and crazy! With us you have a wide choice of different removable braces. From the traditional brackets, to a fully custom-made design appliance, with various options according to your wishes! Do you have a great idea yourself? Send your design to us and we will get to work for you!

Custom made braces produced in the netherlands, shipping all over the world!

Our products

How does it work?


Choose which braces you would like in our shop. Fill in all specifications and order your braces. If you do not have a denthal cast of your teeth yet, you can immediately order a impression kit to make a dethal cast at home.


Order a impression kit  make a denthal cast from your teeth at home . You can also have this done at the dentist or you may still have a plaster cast at home from a previous order. Send your cast to us and we will make your braces.


Your braces are professionally and expertly produced in our orthodontic laboratory and the braces are perfectly fit with your plaster cast. You will receive your braces in discreet packaging.