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About us

We have many years of experience in producing various removable braces, which we do in our orthodontic laboratory, located in the Netherlands/Holland all our braces are fully Custom made. Here we received more and more questions from people who really wanted to wear braces for fun, but actually did not know how to purchase their braces. We have responded to this and offer you the chance to wear braces on a ‘safe’ way, without affecting your teeth! Super cool right! The braces are increasingly visible in everyday life!

Many adults nowadays want to have braces to correct the position and appearance of the teeth. In addition, there are also many people who find braces interesting, great and hot. And they like to wear braces, just for the fun! Our ambition is to inspire as many adults as possible with our wide selection of great, colorful removable braces. And to give everyone the opportunity to purchase  braces according to their wishes. Braces as a fashion item, suitable for every outfit! We think braces are great and adds something to your looks and is also great to wear, wherever and whenever you want!

Our braces are for fun, are produced professionally. The braces that you can order from us are real braces, the braces are made in such a way that no changes are possible to the position of the jaw and teeth!

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