Brackets on plate – Modified

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The modified bracket, with the base of the standard bracket on plate. There are some pelottes for the top and bottom mounted, these parts disappear under the lips and give a smooth and pleasant feeling. Furthermore, the herbs hinge has been added, (metal telescope), which is also very easy to disassemble by means of the enclosed tools. This allows you to wear the top and bottom part separately from each other.

In the example photos, Headgear tubes have been placed above and below and a tongue barrier has been mounted, these can be added optionally. A square metal arch has been used instead of a round arch.

You can provide the brackets with various colors by means of colored rubber bands. (accessories) Look at options to see what else is possible!

The bracket colors you can choose from can be found in the image on the left!

PAY ATTENTION! This brace extends under the lips and is placed in front of the gums, this should be taken into account when taking the impression. We recommend having a digital scan made. For information contact us!

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