Brackets Transparent


The Transparent brackets are probably the braces that stands out the most in everyday life. The nice thing about these braces is that the braces are so realistic that it is not visible that you are wearing a ‘fake’ brace. The  brackest are mounted on a transparent plastic arch, which is similar to the transparent retainer. The braces are almost impossible to feel in the mouth! The clasp brace does not reduce speech, this brace is really a “fashion” item! You can wear the brace anywhere but it is not very noticeable. Many of our customers already have beautiful straight and radiant teeth, but they think its awesome to wear these braces.They can also be used during theater or film productions, in which someone dives in the role of a braces wearer! By means of colored rubber bands you can provide the bracket with various colors. (accessories)

With this retainer you have no choice in options, this has to do with the deep drawing production method!



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