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What do customers say about our braces?

On instagram I saw several posts from bracesforfun. I started to follow them and saw beautiful craftsmanship pass by. I myself am a dental assistant and used to wear various braces. I did check my ortho to see if it would hurt to wear braces for fun. ” Anything that is removable and has no activation goals is fine ”, I got the answer. I chose the retainer with outboard cap.

Suzanne Matz

At first I thought huh? Fake braces. My friend thinks braces are attractive and look great with adults. Together we purchased the fake clasps bracket. I get nice reactions from my circle of friends. Had a nice mail contact and within 3 weeks we received our braces.

Patricia S

“Very good service, I have been an enthusiast for years. I set something aside every month to finally be able to purchase a nice fitting bracket. They offer competent help and the product they send is of the highest quality. Definitely recommended!”

Marco M

In my early years I had a full orthodontic treatment. I liked wearing my braces even then. This feeling has never gone away. I ended up at bracesforfun via the internet and doubted for a long time whether I would place an order. You only live once and you should be able to take a “gamble” every now and then. I had impressions made through my dentist and sent them to bracesforfun. After a few weeks of waiting, I was allowed to receive my braces. I was very afraid that my braces would not fit, but nothing could be further from the truth. I was literally and figuratively silent about it. It sounds crazy, but wearing my block brace makes me calm. And can relax me better. I would like to thank bracesforfun again for the great help I have had as a customer. 


I have now placed a second order with bracesforfun. The result is great, the fit is very pleasant! Communication was fast.

Hanna L.

I hesitated for a long time to order some braces, I took the step three weeks ago. Received the package yesterday and very happy with the result! 

Joseph P